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Coaching Information

What is a Coach?    

As a Special Olympics coach, you bring enthusiasm, commitment, and a positive attitude to each practice, event, and competition, enriching the lives of the athletes you meet. In return, you develop relationships with athletes who inspire you with their dedication, perseverance, and courage. Coaches represent many different roles to many different people. Coaches are viewed as teachers, mentors, role models, and as leaders in the community in which they become involved. Coaches who contribute to the community have an enormous effect on the development of our youth, and participate in a great learning experience.

National Coaching Certification Program   

Special Olympics Ontario requires that all coaches become certified in with National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). courses. The NCCP is specifically designed to train coaches to be able to meet the needs of the specific participants/athletes they are working with. Coaches will learn to plan safe and effective practices, design meaningful season plans, teach appropriate sport skills to athletes, and many other important aspects of coaching.

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) was launched in the early 1970’s. Since that time thousands of Special Olympics coaches have benefited from the program both by attending courses/workshops and by sharing experiences with others. The real beneficiaries are the thousands of Special Olympics athletes of varying abilities who have been provided with a positive sport experience by coaches in the NCCP.

The NCCP prepares coaches to:

  • better meet the needs of all athletes in sport
  • provide a positive sport experience to athletes
  • provide opportunities for athletes to achieve their full potential in and through sport

Special Olympics Canada has a "sport-specific" course delivered by Special Olympics Ontario. This course is a requirement for all coaches, and is one of the required courses for coaches who advance to the next level of competition (Provincial Games, National Games, World Games). Coaches are also encouraged to pursue multi-sport training, and some of these courses are required for coaches who advance to the next level of competition

The most popular multi-sport course modules offered by NCCP include:

  • Make Ethical Decisions + online evaluation
  • Planning a Practice
  • Nutrition
  • Developing a Basic Sport Program
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Mental Preparation.
  • Developing Athletic Ability
  • Making Headway concussion awareness (available online)
There is also NCCP training for each sport that Special Olympics offers: swimming, Nordic skiing, 5-pin bowling, etc. Coaches are encouraged to pursue sport-specific training; this is required for coaches who advance to the next level of competition.

Other Suggested Courses

Sport First Aid

What Is Sport First Aid?
A 16-hour, practical, hands-on workshop aimed at educating community sport coaches and volunteers in the prevention, recognition, treatment, and response to injuries in sport. Participants will receive Red Cross First Aid and CPR certification with an emphasis on sports injuries.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • planning for sport safety
  • preventing injury through proper training
  • preparing to help injured athletes
  • your safety plan
  • head and spine injuries
  • injuries to soft tissue and bone
  • First Aid and Level A (Heartsaver) CPR – St. John Ambulance

Sport Wrapping and Taping Course

What is Wrapping and Taping ?
In this 8-hour, hands-on workshop, participants will learn the theory of sport injury prevention and how to care for common sport injuries with the proper use of taping and wrapping techniques. Taught by a Certified Athletic Therapist, this course is ideal for the beginner.

Contact: Tara O’Reilly (613)580-2424 x41715 or email tara.oreilly@ottawa.ca
To register on-line, please visit www.ottawa.ca.

Course Cost   

SOO-Muskoka believes that coach education and professional development are essential to provide quality sport programs. Therefore, we are committed to reimbursing the registration fee for coaching-related courses for registered volunteers who are actively coaching within local Special Olympics programs. This fee will be reimbursed after successful completion of a course with proof of completion. Before attending the course, please discuss this with your Head Coach or SOO-Muskoka's Community Coordinator.